What are the similarities and differences between McCarthyism of the United States and Kimmuseongsm of the Republic of Korea?

Kim Mu-seong who practiced a Pro-North Korean game in the perception that it is the biggest weapon to be able to win the presidential election

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  원문기사-메카시즘 vs 김무성즘, 무엇이 같고 다른가?

We cannot but recognize the dismal tide of this times in which the Republic of Korea has been put in the simmering heated melting pot with ‘Kimmuseongsm’ although it should take a step forward as the regime of Park Geun-hye has taken office after the 18th presidential election held on December 19, 2012 was finished.

As the suspicion that last presidential election was a totally rigged election under the circumstances that public power including the National Security Service (NIS) and the Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) intervened in it and then manipulated the public opinion has been increasingly proven to be true, now we are in the situation that all the cases have been taken over by the judgment of the judiciary.

Coupled with the manipulation of the public opinion in the presidential election by the NIS and that of the announcement of the investigation by the KNPA, a rampant gale called ‘Kimmuseongsm’ next to McCarthyism has befallen amid the 18th presidential election which had been rigged. Figures including Kim Mu-seong practiced ‘Kimmuseongsm’ (a pro-North Korean game) in the perception that it is the biggest weapon to be able to win the presidential election.

McCarthyism is the political practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence.
▲ Joseph Raymond McCarthy, an advocate of McCarthyism (left) and Kim Mu-seong, a guide of a pro-North Korean game (Kimmuseongsm) (right) © The voice of Seoul  

McCarthyism is the thought and the stream of the times advocated by Joseph Raymond McCarthy in the United States and the political practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence.

The following was what is called a rampant gale of McCarthyism: In the 1950s when communization of the People’s Republic of China and the Soviet Union was more influential in the world than ever before and then war of ideas led to the dramatic contradiction, unfortunately unfair things from which many of the people including politicians, high-profile figures, laborers had suffered have ever happened in the United States at that time in the midst of the tendency to regard all the people exclusive of members of the Republic Party as Communists and accuse them.

The huge bad influences followed the rampant gale. It is hard to calculate the exact number of victims of McCarthyism. The number imprisoned is in the hundreds, and some ten or twelve thousand lost their jobs. In many cases simply being subpoenaed by the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) or one of the other committees was sufficient cause to be fired.

Furthermore, suspected homosexuality was also a common cause for being targeted by McCarthyism. The hunt for sexual perverts, who were presumed to be subversive by nature, resulted in thousands being harassed and denied employment.

‘McCarthyism’ is the most effective method from which groups or individuals could benefit and is judged the thought and the stream of the times which Joseph Raymond McCarthy, a politician in the United States, abused with the aim of eliminating political opponents and dissident groups.

What are the similarities and differences between McCarthyism of the United States and Kimmuseongsm of the Republic of Korea?

Summary Chart of comparing the activities of Kim Mu-seong with that of Joseph Raymond McCarthy


Joseph Raymond McCarthy,

the U.S. Senator

Kim Mu-seong,

a member of the National Assembly of South Korea


The leading figures

Joseph Raymond McCarthy (the then-opposition Republican U.S. Senator from the state of Wisconsin from January 3, 1947 until May 2, 1957)

Kim Mu-seong (the head of the Election Committee of the Saenuri Party in the 18th presidential election and the incumbent lawmaker)




The period when the event takes place

1950-1954 (being tenuous in the mid- and late 1950s

2011-2013 (the ongoing situation – being increasingly excessive)





lThe emergence of the People’s Republic of China, a mighty Communist state

lAn atomic bomb tested by the Soviet Union

lThe expansion of the Communist bloc to Asia

lThe United States being in an appropriate opportunity for the anti-Communist game owing to the spread of xenophobia

lAfter the division of the Korean peninsula with the beginning of taking power by the pro-Japanese and the pro-U.S. groups in which liquidation of history failed

lSince then, abuses of the divided nation which they have applied to political means

The same way but the difference of individuals vs. groups

The objectives of the motive

lTo conceal his own corruptions and to maintain the post of the Senator

lTo recapture power through ten years taken away

lTo select it as a way to manage to hold their political clout




The background of the times

lThe use of measures of ascribing responsibilities to the other party by the fabrication of fanciful hyperbole, looking down on the opposite party, distortion, and unfolding sophistic

lNo confirmation on whether it is true or not

lWith setting up the NIS ahead of them, being hyperbolic fabrication, distortion, sophistic, ascribing responsibilities to the other party

lNo confirmation on whether it is true or not

With sustaining the essence of the basic dissidence to ideologies–the excessively protracted situation in South Korea


lOn February 1950 in the Republican caucus "I have a list of members of the Communist Party and members of a spy ring who were employed in the State Department."-the contexts of the exposure

lDuring the 18th presidential election with intensively conducting the pro-North Korean game "Former President Roh Moo-hyun had surrender the Northern Limit Line (NLL)."

l"In accompanying the NIS, we do make the power transfer to the pro-North Korean forces impossible."

l"Opponents to a naval base in Gangjeong Village on Jeju Island is the same as the pro-North Korean forces considered the puppet of the regime of Kim Jeong-il", etc.

The keynote equal to each other


lall the people including the U.S. Department of State and President Dwight D. Eisenhower as well as the common people, homosexualists, union activists, educators, social organizations, enterprises, and artists which were treated as communists

lThose who are political opponents, individuals, groups, and political parties of anti-Park Geun-hye and anti-Saenuri Party and are stigmatized as the pro-North Koreans

lSympathy of the opposition Democratic Party for the anti-democratic proceedings so as to prove its irrelevance of the pro-North Korea

Almost similar

The developments

lSympathy of newspapers, the press, and the public

l(No confirmation on whether it is true or not) sympathy of the Democratic Party without hard evidence so as to prove its irrelevance of McCarthyism as well

lThe innocent people in every field who underwent the following: loss of employment, indictment, and imprisonment

lArrest with the cause of only suspicion

lTaking the

lead in playing

the media by





(the situation

that the

related facts

have not been

yet proven to

be true)

lThe United Progressive Party, now being the object of targeting

lThe arrest of persons only under suspicion at lightning speed and without obstruction (not proven)

The Keynote equal to each other

The consequences

lPrivate corruptions which were calmed down by a firestorm of McCarthyism

l(For five years) obtaining a political footing of holding such a significant meaning that the then-opposition Republic Party could take office

lCreating social atmosphere in which the culture of insecurity, suspicion, and accusation prevailed over the nation

lNo persons who were found guilty in five years

l(McCarthy’s claims that have been proven to be false without grounds)

lThe decline of McCarthyism in the mid- and late 1950s

lDeath of Joseph Raymond McCarthy

lSeizure of

power by the

Saenuri Party

lThe result of the presidential election of being the same as prolonging the period of taking office

lBeing the actively ongoing rigged election for watering down

lKim Mu-seong who has mastered all the fields of civil society in which thanks to the development of Internet, compared to the past, the different atmosphere has been created.

Being still proliferating in South Korea and the only difference of the public atmosphere, according to whether the people have a computer or not


Edward R. Murrow, an American broadcast journalist

Not yet exist

The lessons

lA grasp of facts and the essence prior to all other things – coming to be not vulnerable to sympathy

lMuch as the procedures include the nature of democracy, to apply legal laws to the settlement as being based on the facts

l By learning

lessons from

the actual

example of

McCarthyism in

the United

States, making

the tendency to

infinitely echo

the pro-North

Korea across

the nation

ineffective and


The pro-Japanese collaborators took the specter of McCarthy from which tens of thousands of innocent people suffered out from a coffin so that they can conceal the anti-national activities of their ancestors and the invalidity of winning the illegal and rigged election and then they have indulged in mobilizing it …The tendency has been masterminded by Kim Mu-seong, the offspring of Kim Yong-joo who is both a pro-Japanese collaborator and a national betrayer and launched the movement to send comfort telegrams to the Japanese Imperial army … http://blog.daum.net/jen-koje/87

The prosecution said that "Won Se-hun, the former director of the NIS showed the aspects of behavior that mean ‘a new kind of McCarthyism’" Hankyung Newspaper on August 26, 2013
In a first trial which opened on the morning of August 26 in the hearing of the 21st criminal consensus division of the Seoul Central District Court (presiding judge Lee Beom-gyun), the prosecution said that "it has been revealed that the accused has the disposition of ‘a new kind of McCarthyism’ which stigmatizes individuals and groups without discretion and without reason as the pro-North Korea."
It also pinpointed the fact that "he had developed the psychological warfare against not enemies but the people."  http://media.daum.net/politics/others/newsview?newsid=20130826110505307
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